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French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording Large Gathering /

French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording Large Gathering /

French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording Large Gathering /

French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording Large Gathering / Serge Celibidaces (INA Compress Live Recordings / Sergiu Celibidache, Orchestre National de L'ORTF) [4SACD Single Layer]. Collection of super famous performances of Celibidacque and French national pipes in SACD in 2021 Remasters!

Plenty of less than 800 minutes on 4 discs! [Product number: Altsa-441] [4SACD Single Layer] [Domestic press] [Japan With words / explanations] [2021 New Mastering] [Live] [Altus] Serge Celibidacke / France National Orchestra INA Live Recording Divide Partial Lyrics Bosite [Disc1] Louszel: Symphony No. 98 Recording: October 23, 1974 / Champs -Elysee Theater (Live) Shane Berg: Song songs with 6 orchestra Op. 759 Beethoven: Symphony 7th Long -style Op. 92 Dvorak: Slavola Collection No. 1: Brazil's Nostalgia - 11th song "Langijiras" Ravel: Higher and sensitive Waltz (Orchestra version) Stravinsky: "Gallop" Recording: September 17, 1974 / Champs -Elysées Theater (live) Brahms from the 2nd Small Tube String Gumi, Brahms Op. 81 Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 73 Altoulo Benedetti Michelangeli (Piano) Recording: October 16, 1974 / Champs -Elysées Theater (live) [Disc2] Beethoven: Symphony 6th Long "Rural" Op. 68 Stravinsky: Ballet Music "Petrushka" More excerpts Recording: February 6, 1974 / Champs -Elysee Theater (live) Brahms: Symphony No.

3 in Long -style Op. 90 Miyo: Brazil's Nostalgia Op. 67B Respigi: Symphony "Roman Pine" p.

141 Recording: February 15, 1974 / Champs -Elysées Theater (live) Schubert: "Rosamunde" Overture Dvorak: Cello Concerto L minor Op. 104 Pierre Fulnier (Cello) Duti Ue: Metaboration Recording: October 2, 1974 / Champs -Elysee Theater (live) [Disc3] Schubert: 6 Doi Tsu Dance (Orchestra by Wabern) Symphony No. 485 Johann Strauss II: Kokomori "Komori" The Story of the Forest of Vienna Figaro Polka Polka Trich Triche Polka Emperor's Dance Recording (Recording) : December 30, 1973 / Champselise Theater (live) Mozart: Requiem Norie K.

626 Early Oje (Soprano) Gouli Presner (Contralt) Adalbert Kraus (Tenol) Roger Soyer (Bus) Jean Paul Jean Paul- Curader (Chorus Conductor) French National Broadcasting Chorus Recording: February 22, 1974 / Champs -Elysées Theater (live) Weber: Overture Haydn: Symphony No. I: 102 Schumann: Symphony No. 61 Recording: February 27, 1974/Champs -Elysées Theater (live) [Disc4] Schumann: Piano Concerto II M minor And Juliet Excerpt from the 2nd Op. It is remastered for this board and adds a different charm from the CD version. The latest remastering uses ALTUS's new technologies.

Which makes the natural overtones and the solid texture more enhanced to the Celibidacque performance. All stereo in 1973 and 74. The recording of the concerto with Michelangeli, Frenier and Argerich is a transcendental performance. In addition, the super beautiful "unfinished", "Petrushka" who is astonished in slow tempo, "Rome no Matsu" with a highly screaming cheli, tears of tears, "motlek", a unique Vienna music.

A masterpiece content that makes you feel the power of Celibidacque, such as the weakest ravel work, etc. This is a rich booklet that exceeds all 60 pages, from commentary on each disc by Atsushi Suzuki, Yasuo Kubo, and Mitsutoshi Komitsu, music commentary on the performer profile, song explanation, and Shang -vertic songs with "Six Orchestra accompanying songs" lyrics.

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  • Brand: Selge Celibidacque, Jean Paul Creda, Altoulo Benedetti Miche
  • Artist: Selge Celibidacque, Jean Paul Creda, Altoulo Benedetti Miche
  • Format: CD
  • Release Title: French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording La
  • UPC: 4543638804412
  • EAN: 4543638804412

French National Broadcasting Orchestra INA Live Recording Large Gathering /